Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 PM EST LIve Broadcast with Yours Truly

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  1. how often do you write??? and what are necessities to that process???

  2. What a wonderful treat to worship with you! Blessings on you guys as you journey down this road!
    Let Sarah know we(kids and I) were worshipping to Sing my love in the van the other day and my 5 yo started singin' her own worship song to the Lord. Brought tears to my eyes. He is Worthy!
    Love ya'll,

  3. Hi - Can you help me understand your lyrics in Skeleton Bones. Other than calling out to God to fill us up with Himself and for us to open up to Him - I don't understand the skeleton bones part and the opening up our ribs. Where biblically can this be found? I love the song musically and lyrically except for the part that I'm not grasping. Our worship teams plans to perform this song and I'm not fully getting it?